Prayer Request:

Please submit your request to FCIC-LA  Cursillo Secretary directly to her email address (    Once your prayer request is received, volunteer members of the FCIC-LA Prayer Group will pray with you; requesting God's blessings for you and your family, that God may grant all your wishes according to His will.     Your online prayer requests ( Thanksgiving, Dedication or Petition), opens a door and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door, at all times, in all situations to join with you.

 A Cursillo Ultreya Center (provided in this link) and friendship support group - act as structured help to all cursillistas and fellow Christians to persevere in Christian Life and to extend it to others; the living and sharing of what is fundamental for being a Christian.

We should pray with confidence, humility, sincerity (from your heart), attentiveness and perseverance.  We approach our Creator knowing we don’t always have all the answers as to what’s best for us. He does! With faith we have confidence that He will provide for our needs, thinking always of what’s best for our souls. As we say in the Lord’s Prayer “!” 

A family member can request  a "Cursillo Rites" ceremony for a cursillista who just passed away.  This  solemn ritual consists of prayers, songs, and Pin-the Cross ceremony is conducted during a Funeral Visitation.  For more information please contact Post Cursillo Coordinator  via email (